Christmas Iron On Patches, Satkago 15 Pcs Merry Christmas Iron On Appliques Snowman Embroidery Sequin Christmas Decorations Patches for Clothes Jackets Backpacks T-Shirt Jeans Skirt Vests Scar

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Product Description


  • Material: cloth
  • Average Length: 2.2-8.4cm/ 0.87-3.3inch
  • Average Width: 3.3-9.1cm/1.3-3.58inch
  • 1 Set x Satkago Clothes Patches (15 PCS)
  • 1 x Paper Storage Box.

Iron-on Instructions:

  • 1. Set iron to hottest setting. Do not use water or steam.
  • 2. Cover patch with a fine cloth.
  • 3. Press firmly with iron for about 30-60 seconds.
  • 4. Repeat ironing on the reverse side.
  • 5. Allow patch to cool before testing.
  • 6. Repeat the process if needed to ensure the patch is secure.
  • 1. Only 15pcs patches, 1 paper storage box, other items is not included.
  • 2. Some of these patches have adhesive on the back, which can become sticky after being heated by a iron.
  • 3. If there is not adhesive on the back, you can fix them by sewing.
  • 4. Do not iron patch on delicate cloths, or any materials that will fail under extreme heat such as leather, satin, nylon fabrics, rain wear (water-proof), or highly elastic fabrics...
  • For materials such as these the patches can be stitched.