Kerothen Leaf Throw Pillow Covers - Decorative Tropical Green Leaf Pattern Throw Pillows Covers Cozy Farmhouse Couch Outdoor Palm Banana Tree Leaf 20x20 Cushion Cover Throw Pillow Cases 2 Pack

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Color: Style 2  |  Size: 20"x20"

kerothen throw pillows covers are manufactured by a specialized
textile design company. They adopt modern throw pillows covers
digital production environmental protection technology, retaining
the style of euro tropical decorative green tropical leaves throw
pillows covers, and also ensure the integrity and smooth softness
of the fabric. Become skin comfy throw pillows. And there is a
complete service system, providing 100% throw pillows after-sales
service, so you can rest assured.

Comfortable material: A-class thick linen throw pillows cover: 100%
fine linen fabric, with fine texture, comfortable and elegant.
Does not fade, can not afford the ball. No irritation to the skin, no harm
to children. And our pillowcases are made of thick fabric and tightly-locked
threads to better improve durability.

Scenes to be used:  Tropical leaf throw pillow covers allow you to open
different ways of use, you can use it as a cushion pillow for chairs
and a throw pillow covers for parties. You can also use this cozy
throw pillows cushion covers in cars and offices to help relieve your fatigue.
And this Leaf Throw Pillow Covers has rich home colors that can well decorate
your sofa and bedroom, and make your life full of passion.

Use and maintenance methods: When this 18x18 throw pillow cover is installed
and used, the invisible zipper is opened, and the compressed filling is gently placed
inside to avoid violent use. At the same time, take out the filling material when
closing, close the throw pillow covers zipper, put it in the machine wash,

Tips: This green tropical leaf pattern throw pillow covers pack of 2 without core filler.
Due to manual cutting of fabric, please allow 1-15CM deviation. If the installation is not
available, please do not use violent installation, please contact the after-sales service in
time for help.