UOOPOO American Flag-Like Print Rectangular Throw Pillow Covers 30CMx45CM Decorative Pillow Covers Linen Lumbar Cushions

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The throw Pillow Covers feature a removable cover with hi-quality PP cotton stuffed inside and come in rectangular shape. Though the most common shape of throw Pillow Covers is square, rectangular, circular and cylindrical throw Pillow Covers are also popular. The other shapes throw Pillow Covers are usually composed of a set with square throw Pillow Covers placed on long couch or bed or yard beach etc. The throw Pillow Covers are also functional. Such as the series rectangular decorative Pillow Covers also work as lumbar cushions by put on chairs or head Pillow Covers when you want to take a nap at office. Its removable cover is cotton and linen mix fabric, which is easy for laundry. The hidden zip design keeps your worry its zip may accidently ruin other fabric or cause hurt to people away. The pillow comes in vacuuming packing, to let it puffy, just squeeze two ends and leave it for a couple of days. People are taking more time than before to look throw Pillow Covers for interior decoration purpose, so if you are searching for appropriate throw Pillow Covers, give the American flag-like print rectangular throw Pillow Covers a try, it matches kinds of square throw Pillow Covers and functional.